#PLCoffeewith: Nandini Basuthakur, CEO, Procurement Leaders

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Transformation

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“I’ve been saying for many years that traditional buyer-supplier relationships are disappearing and we are moving much more into ecosystems whereby we develop joint solutions that we bring together to our customers, or in our case our patients.” Sebastien Bals, CPO, UCB

In our latest #PLCoffeewithNandini Basuthakur and I caught up with Seb and covered a wide spectrum of topics, from the death of sourcing as we know it (his words) to attracting talent and the rise of the “spend entrepreneur”.

I’m sure our other coffee buddies Thomas UdesenSalvatore BernabeiMarkus Mirgeler and Klaus Staubitzer would whole-heartedly agree.

It’s another great opportunity of forward-thinking CPOs thinking beyond the traditional purview of #procurement and beyond this crisis. We are at a crossroads, he says, and we can either wait for leadership to dictate or we take responsibility and press ahead with the new future for our function.

Bring it on.