#PLCoffeeWith: Willem Mutsaerts, CPO and exco-member at Givaudan

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Transformation

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“Sustainability and procurement in our company is very closely related… when you buy raw materials, you cannot disassociate this from doing the right thing and you cannot be stopped because of the crisis.” Willem Mutsaerts, Head of Global Procurement & Sustainability, Givaudan

There is something stirring in #procurement, deep-rooted and meaningful. That is, the embedding of #sustainable and responsible behaviour into the engine room of global commerce. By influencing change through the supply chain, CPOs can play a vital role in sone of the biggest battles we face; against climate change, global poverty and unethical business.

In our latest #PLCoffeeWith we catch up with Willem Mutsaerts, CPO and exco-member at Givaudan, about his commitment to sustainability, his unswerving focus on supplier-enabled innovation and how Covid-19 offers opportunity as well as challenge. We even touched briefly on art đŸ™‚

As ever, a pleasure to catch up with someone so committed to their vision and helping to drive real change for us all.

So, question: Are you doing enough to drive sustainable behaviour into both your work and personal life?